Agent M back again with another look at the stack of comics & collections we get here at Marvel HQ. Because this is a shortened holiday week here in the states, we actually got our stacks on Tuesday instead of Friday. That means we got next week’s comics before this week’s even came out! Pretty neat, you guys. These stacks are what we got on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. The single issues in the photo will be out Wednesday, November 28 in comic shops and on the Marvel digital comics store & app. The collections will be out across a number of weeks, I believe. 

And here’s the stack of comics out Wednesday, November 21 if you missed ‘em! 

Which of the issues in the photos are you most excited to read?


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  2. hipster-nerd-otaku-thingy answered: new x-men i love the x-men
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  13. stewzors answered: Got my copy of Thor in the post the other day. Loved the artwork and great idea setting the 3 parts of various milennia - cant wait for more!
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